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Extracting value from massive ocean data sets.


Cloud and localized infrastructure for powerful data-handling and secure archives. Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) operations at any scale


Centralized computing to optimize cleansing and create more accurate and effective ocean data.


Industry-leading Artificial Intelligence frameworks generating ocean data insights and visualizations to enable new perspectives and valuable discoveries.


X994 was founded in 2016 to revolutionize the ocean economy.

Matthew Meyer

17 years of management experience, coordinating diverse teams with science and engineering backgrounds. Cofounder and Managing Director of OARS-HPSG, consulting to clients on marine geoscience and survey projects on a global scale.

David Ryan

22 years of building software, companies and bridges between. Cofounder and CEO of Navigo, a software science and engineering firm, finding real value in artificial intelligence for the biggest brands.

Ryan Thomas

17 years of operational experience processing and analyzing complex scientific data sets from ocean-based commercial projects worldwide. Cofounder and Technical Director of OARS-HPSG, an offshore survey and geoscience consultancy.

Team Members

X994 is a semi-finalist in the Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE competition.

Scott Allen

Mechanical Design Engineering
19 years of oceanographic design experience spanning from DARPA, NavO, NSF and NASA. He has designed various buoy and autonomous systems for organizations including Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Schmidt Ocean Institute, Stone Aerospace, Nuve and DeepFlight.

Michael Kleeman

Decades of technology leadership in telecommunications, critical infrastructure, policy, academia and industry. Senior Fellow at UC San Diego, Advisor to the American Geophysical Union and Member of the Board of Directors for SEACOM, Institute for the Future and The Marine Mammal Center.

Gary Nijak

8 years of R&D experience in environmental and biosciences. Developed automated wireless pathogen detection system, novel chemistries and platforms to detect IEDs and development of new remediation technologies for heavy metal pollution. CEO of Green & Grow, Inc., an agriculture biotechnology company.